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Security and Style

1The weather’s been a bit up and down this week but we were blessed with a great day to replace an old, patched up and flimsy doors with one of our steel roller shutters.

You can see in the first picture what a mess the door was, the main door was a patched up hotchpotch that had quite probably come off another building all together and had a skirt bolted to the top which wouldn’t keep out a stiff breeze, let alone a determined burglar. The smaller door would barely close either, and was simply held shut with a padlock and hasp. If their insurance assessor had seen the state of it…

So the guys swung into action….

The workshop’s currently half empty but because our client wants to expand their business and increase their stock, they naturally need to improve their security2. You can see in the second photo that all that was holding the doors up was a few narrow box girders attached to a rather flimsy doorpost. So we fixed that. Instead of fitting a shiny new door to sub standard framework, we will always endeavour to install a doorframe that’s up to the job.

The guttering’s still attached to the roof, but you can see the flashing that we fitted that will not onlyimprove security no end, but keep rainwater, drafts and wildlife out. The beauty of these steel shutters is that they offer criminals no chance to get any purchase on the doors. There’s nowhere to attach hooks or chains to pull them open and they can’t be crowbarred open or kicked in either. Added to that, they take up virtually no space and are a breeze to open and close without needing to jump in and out of the van to back it up when making deliveries.

The customer loved it, it looks so much better, just the sight of it makes you feel more secure. The warehouse is now warmer, drier, and overall the new door is a complete success.