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repair replace old damaged garage doorIn a recent statistic reached by gathering crime data from several metropolitan police authorities, as many as 50% of residential burglaries occur when the intruder gained access through an open, damaged or superannuated garage door.

People leave their garage doors open for a number of reasons, security isn’t an issue as they don’t keep valuable property in it, it’s inconvenient to keep opening and closing it every time they come and go, even letting the cat have somewhere dry to sleep if it starts raining all seem like ‘good’ reasons to keep the garage door open when it’s not in use.

Unfortunately, burglars see an open garage door as welcoming as an open front door or window.

“An open garage door is an open invitation to thieves,” says Chris Long, executive director of the International Door Association. “Thieves are also targeting remote controls that are not locked up in vehicles parked outside.”

Keyless Entry

Of course you wouldn’t leave your door keys in full view in your car, but it wouldn’t cross many people’s minds that the remote to their garage door is just as tempting. Today’s garage doors are far more secure than the old fashioned up and over models of yesteryear meaning that people are more likely to keep high worth goods, particularly sporting goods, in the garage, but they’re still not closing, maintaining and locking them properly.

Dash mounted remote garage door controls can easily be replaced with remotes that can go on keyrings, entry code and finger print ID units. These can be combined with open door alert devices which will tell you if your garage door hasn’t been closed properly. If you’ve ever been gardening, come inside, made a cuppa, got distracted and left the garage door open all night you’ll know how easy it is to overlook basic security precautions.  With an open door alert a light will come on whenever the garage door is open. Even if your garage door is only open a crack the indicator will come on; you might not have noticed but a burglar might and if they can get a jimmy into the gap, they’ll soon follow it.

Numeric keypads eliminate the risk of lost or stolen keys or remote controls being used to access your garage. There’s no need to worry about getting keys cut or who has the remote, you can tell as many people as you want the code since you can change the code as much as you like afterwards. Imagine you’re going on holiday and you want the neighbour’s kid to feed your fish. You can tell them a code that you set for the duration of your break and change it again when you get home, meaning that if there were any danger of them letting the code slip, it won’t matter.

If your garage door needs updating, repairing, general maintenance or a complete upgrade to a brand new model then get in touch. Prestige Doors provide the same service for their domestic garage doors as they do to business clients. Services include, measuring, building and fitting, routine maintenance, and 24 hour call out. All our parts and labour are guaranteed so you can rest assured that with our garage doors, your garage is as safe as houses.