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October’s here and it’s National Home Security Month. Autumn is statistically the worst time for domestic break-ins as the darker evenings mean that there are more hours in the day when intruders can creep about in the shadows. Bearing this in mind, Yale, and Union along with other companies and organisations are bringing together a different theme for each week in October that focuses on a different aspect of home security.

-Week one, National Home Security Month is Back!

Starting on 3/10/2016, starts with numerous different suggestions of small changes that you can make to keep your home, and everything in it, safe.

-Week two, Safe as Houses.

The weeks beginning 10/10/2016 looks at total home security but concentrates on the weak points that burglars will target first.

-Week three, Smart Home Security

From Monday 17/10/2016  they ask what gadgetry is there on the market that can be used to increase your home’s security, does it really work and which is best for you?

-Week four, Dark Nights

The week starting 24/10/2016 looks at ‘Dark Nights’ as the clocks go back and the nights close in this week provides plenty of advice on keeping your home safer for winter.

-Week five, Spooky Season

The end of the month, from 31/10/2016 concludes National Home Security Month’s round-up of hints and advice for the season, and the rest of the year until the next NHSM comes around next October.


Register by leaving your name and email address on their website and you’ll get a regular email newsletter full of advice and suggestions, together with special offers and deals on security devices for your home.

You can also keep in touch with them and share your own advice or household security horror stories with other security conscious homeowners by liking and following NHSM on Facebook and Twitter.

Although the National Home Security Month takes place in October, the NHSM Facebook page, the NHSM Twitter profile and NHSM website will remain online permanently and blogs will continue to be published regularly, meaning that homeowners can come along at any time throughout the year to pick up on the best professional advice available.