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Gorgeous garage doorsFor a design feature that has such an impact on the overall look of a property, garage doors are sorely overlooked. Perhaps it’s because they are purely practical, and don’t have the same connotation in our psyche that a friendly front door has. Nobody throws open the garage doors to welcome their guests or harks back to a golden era when you could leave your garage doors unlocked all day and not worry about people robbing you blind.

But people should make more of their garage doors. They offer a vast expanse of frontage upon which you can make your stamp. Gone are the days of the incredibly loud up-and-over doors with the dangerous looking counterweights suspended on exposed wires. Up-and-over doors are still available, but they are quiet and their mechanics are safely secured behind coving.

Instead of buying the basic model, the door that keeps rain and the casual recidivist out, provided you remembered to shut it in the first place, home owners are thinking about what really suits their property and offers genuinely appreciable security. Many of us don’t use our garages to keep our cars in when we’re not using them. Rather, we tend to use them for storage and other purposes. With items such as bikes, sports equipment, freezers and tools kept in the garage, they become yet more tempting to thieves, meaning that garage door security becomes much more of an issue than it’s ever been before.

Fancy Looks With Functional Form

One of the most secure types of garage door for the domestic market is the sectional garage door. Not only does it offer superb security against break in, but it also comes in a huge variety of finishes, materials and colours, making it a superb choice if aesthetics are as important to you as security.

They don’t only offer great security and attractive looks though. Depending on the materials used, they can be single skinned, meaning they are light weight and effortless to operate, or they can be double skinned with a foam or fibre insulation, this is particularly important to householders who use their garage as a gym, games room, or space outside the house for pets.

Alongside steel and aluminium, sectional doors can also be manufactured from UPVC and timber. Windows can be fitted, either in the top sections to allow light in but not the gaze of prying eyes, or incorporated throughout the door to create an attractive, bright, airy feeling inside. Sectional garage doors are primarily manually operated. Their weight is countered with tension and torsion springs meaning that they will be operable in a power outage, but should you so choose, you can also but motorized sectional garage doors if security is top on your list, but effortless opening is also a key feature you are shopping for.