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coathanger garage door break-inWithout adequate security, your garage door could be the most vulnerable access to your home, if it connects through a doorway, as many garages do. Thieves recently identified a simple way of getting into garages, simply by inserting a stretched out coathanger over the door and releasing the emergency catch. And there’s a simple fix too. If you have a manually operated up-and-over garage door you should have an emergency exit cord hanging in above the centre of the door. A coathanger is just narrow enough to be slid over the door and just strong enough to release it, meaning that the burglar can get into your garage in under ten seconds.

Whatever you keep in your garage, it’s vulnerable. And if your garage also has a doorway to your home, that’s vulnerable too. Many people don’t realise how easy it is to break into garages and assume that if the garage door is locked, then that’s an adequate security measure, just like locking the front and back doors.

But as we know this is not the case, further security measures should be taken. First of all, if you do have a manual up-and-over garage door, the quick way to secure it against this particular means of incursion is rather simple. If you take a narrow cable tie and secure the catch, your garage is secured. A coathanger isn’t strong enough to get past it, but in the event of an emergency, pulling on the handle will snap the tie, letting you open the door as normal.

You Can’t Buy Security for 5p

However, while practical, depending on a piece of plastic worth about 5p is no way to properly secure your garage against thefts! Ideally you will have much more robust security in place, particularly if you keep valuable items or tools that could be used to facilitate a break-in within your garage. Rather than using a little piece of plastic to secure your garage, it’s worth considering one of the many other security devices that are currently available on the market for effectively securing your property.

A motor for your garage door is a great way to add security, particularly if you despise the cold wet weather of Britain. The garage door operator can be activated from within the car, meaning that you don’t have to get out and struggle with keys and opening the door, just to get back into your car to drive it a further few feet before you can really consider yourself at home. While the motor can be activated with a press of a button, the motor acts as an extremely  effective barrier if it isn’t activated. They move relatively slowly and have sensors which will arrest the door’s progress if any obstruction is identified in order to prevent accidents. Some people find their speed a factor in deciding not to buy, however, there are other garage door security applications that aren’t slow at all.

Garage Door Security For the Twenty First Century

A relatively recent security feature that is well suited to garage doors is the fingerprint sensor. While it hasn’t been perfected for home security yet, it’s idea for the garage as it can be pre-programmed with numerous prints, letting you grant access to who you want without the need of giving them a key or IR device. Keypads are also an option. These have the advantage over keys in that you can change them as many times as you like as often as you like. This means that you can give access to gardeners, neighbours, builders, whoever, and, once they no longer need to be able to gain access, change the codes. It’s this flexibility of security that puts modern electronic security over traditional garage door security.