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wooden garage doorsYou might think that wooden garage doors are only suited to old older buildings where coachhouse style doors have been a staple on garages and detached outhouses because they are sensitive to the architecture.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Wood lends itself perfectly to contemporary designs and the functions that a garage door needs to perform in an environment where garages aren’t simply used to keep cars out of the rain any longer.

Contemporary architecture takes into account the fact that most households own at least one car, and even if the garage isn’t used to protect a car from the elements, people want the advantages of having a good deal of secure storage. Because the garage is now becoming part of the whole architectural design of a home, the garage doors need as much thought as the front door.

Practical and Attractive

Wood is the perfect material for garage doors thanks to many of its properties. The wood used to manufacture wooden garage doors in Europe is required by law to come from sustainable forest. The timber is treated so that it won’t grow mould or lichens, the treatment also prevents the wood from fading in the sun, it’s waterproof so that it doesn’t swell or warp as the weather changes from season to season. Wood also has perfect insulation properties, keeping the interior space cool in summer and warm in winter. It is relatively lightweight and can easily be repaired, rather than requiring replacement, if there is accidental damage to one particular section.

Wooden garage doors can also be constructed and decorated to reflect an infinite number of architectural design styles and practical applications.  The woods that can be used range vastly in colour and texture in order to match the woodwork that you are using throughout the home. As well as being an attractive addition to contemporary new builds, wooden garage doors are perfect replacements for old, worn or damaged garage doors in older buildings. Metal garage doors are often overlooked as a design feature on many homes, but wooden doors, when used as a replacement, bring a new aesthetic and feeling to what could otherwise be a cold, blank functional space.

Timber lends itself well to garage door construction in other ways too. Woods of different colours, textures and other properties such as weight and hardness can be mixed, carvings and detailing can easily be incorporated into the design as can windows and furniture such as knockers and handles.