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coathanger garage door break-inWithout adequate security, your garage door could be the most vulnerable access to your home, if it connects through a doorway, as many garages do. Thieves recently identified a simple way of getting into garages, simply by inserting a stretched out coathanger over the door and releasing the emergency catch. And there’s a simple fix too. If you have a manually operated up-and-over garage door you should have an emergency exit cord hanging in above the centre of the door. A coathanger is just narrow enough to be slid over the door and just strong enough to release it, meaning that the burglar can get into your garage in under ten seconds.

Whatever you keep in your garage, it’s vulnerable. And if your garage also has a doorway to your home, that’s vulnerable too. Many people don’t realise how easy it is to break into garages and assume that if the garage door is locked, then that’s an adequate security measure, just like locking the front and back doors.

But as we know this is not the case, further security measures should be taken. First of all, if you do have a manual up-and-over garage door, the quick way to secure it against this particular means of incursion is rather simple. If you take a narrow cable tie and secure the catch, your garage is secured. A coathanger isn’t strong enough to get past it, but in the event of an emergency, pulling on the handle will snap the tie, letting you open the door as normal. Read more »

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side hinged garage doorsIf you don’t use your garage to store a car, but use it as a utility room, games room, workshop or gym then you may find that side hinged garage doors are a much better solution than the more usual overhead garage doors.

The beauty of side hinged garage doors is that they operate exactly like a normal door. You can open them wide to allow all the light and air in that you want, or you can just open them a crack if you want to come and go discreetly. If you’re more likely to have people, including children and pets, passing through the garage door than cars, then their ease of use is all important. Side hinged garage doors also have the advantage of having very few moving parts, so maintenance is minimal and easily carried out. If the garage that needs a new door has an irregular or arched lintel, side hinged doors are a far easier, and therefore much more cost effective, solution to fitting the structure needed to install an overhead garage door. Read more »

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wooden garage doorsYou might think that wooden garage doors are only suited to old older buildings where coachhouse style doors have been a staple on garages and detached outhouses because they are sensitive to the architecture.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Wood lends itself perfectly to contemporary designs and the functions that a garage door needs to perform in an environment where garages aren’t simply used to keep cars out of the rain any longer.

Contemporary architecture takes into account the fact that most households own at least one car, and even if the garage isn’t used to protect a car from the elements, people want the advantages of having a good deal of secure storage. Because the garage is now becoming part of the whole architectural design of a home, the garage doors need as much thought as the front door. Read more »

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Gorgeous garage doorsFor a design feature that has such an impact on the overall look of a property, garage doors are sorely overlooked. Perhaps it’s because they are purely practical, and don’t have the same connotation in our psyche that a friendly front door has. Nobody throws open the garage doors to welcome their guests or harks back to a golden era when you could leave your garage doors unlocked all day and not worry about people robbing you blind.

But people should make more of their garage doors. They offer a vast expanse of frontage upon which you can make your stamp. Gone are the days of the incredibly loud up-and-over doors with the dangerous looking counterweights suspended on exposed wires. Up-and-over doors are still available, but they are quiet and their mechanics are safely secured behind coving.

Instead of buying the basic model, the door that keeps rain and the casual recidivist out, provided you remembered to shut it in the first place, home owners are thinking about what really suits their property and offers genuinely appreciable security. Many of us don’t use our garages to keep our cars in when we’re not using them. Rather, we tend to use them for storage and other purposes. With items such as bikes, sports equipment, freezers and tools kept in the garage, they become yet more tempting to thieves, meaning that garage door security becomes much more of an issue than it’s ever been before. Read more »

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patrolBeing located on the south coast, Prestige Doors has a wide variety of clients from domestic, rural, commercial, industrial to urban and corporate. Every customer has individual, unique needs but there are always universal truths that every homeowner, estates manager and retail outlet owner should be aware of.

When it comes to security, the appearance of your exterior doors is paramount. If a door looks sturdy, well maintained and brightly lit when anybody approaches after dark, the chances of them taking any further interest are much lower than if a door or shutter seemed to be ignored, decayed, rusted or unsecured.

At this time of year, with the clocks changing and nights getting longer, people are spending less time outdoors, they’re keeping their curtains closed and paying less attention to the goings on in their neighbourhood. The way people are affected by the environment plays a huge part in ambient security, that is, if a building looks secure, well maintained and shows signs that there are people around who are paying attention, then potential intruders are far less interested in making further investigations. When it’s dark, the opportunities for incursion increase, with fewer people around from dusk till dawn, burglars have more time to spend both planning and executing a break-in without being observed.

Throwing A Spotlight On Break-Ins

Security lighting plays its part here. Since observation is such a disincentive to the burglar, ensuring entrances are well lit pays dividends. But, in areas that are out of sight of the street or neighbours, additional lighting still has a part to play even if you don’t have cameras that are constantly monitored. Out of sight is very much in mind when it comes to getting access to your property. If secondary entrances and fire escapes are obscured from general view they are all the more appealing. Doors that look sturdy with visibly solid locks and hinges that are illuminated as soon as anybody approaches are a valuable display of security.

Lighting areas where nobody is watching is equally true for outbuildings, garages and sheds too. If you don’t keep valuable property in your outbuildings then security may not be paramount to you. However, because burglars don’t like to draw attention to themselves they don’t travel around with crowbars and ladders on their shoulders. If they can find them in your shed which isn’t securely locked, they will use them to break into your home.

The Mark Of Good Security

Security marking your property and assets is an effective deterrent too. Most property is stolen to be sold, and unfortunately, people who buy on the black market don’t care where it came from. However, marking your property does make property much harder to sell for a price that makes the theft worthwhile, while also making its return to the owner much easier. Marking property also helps secure convictions.  If thieves are caught with marked property in their possession a reasonable alibi is harder to create, which is another huge disincentive to steal clearly marked goods. Bar coded or addressed asset management stickers are an effective way to permanently mark your property in both work and domestic situations.

Neighbourhood Watch is much maligned as busy-bodies snooping on their neighbours but the system works. A simple sticker in the window that tells people that strangers will be noticed and observed is a simple but effective deterrent. Neighbourhood watches and small businesses should regularly invite their local crime prevention officer to speak to new members and staff. They can look at your current security and advise on basic mistakes, physical improvements and changing habits that could leave your home or workplace vulnerable.

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repair replace old damaged garage doorIn a recent statistic reached by gathering crime data from several metropolitan police authorities, as many as 50% of residential burglaries occur when the intruder gained access through an open, damaged or superannuated garage door.

People leave their garage doors open for a number of reasons, security isn’t an issue as they don’t keep valuable property in it, it’s inconvenient to keep opening and closing it every time they come and go, even letting the cat have somewhere dry to sleep if it starts raining all seem like ‘good’ reasons to keep the garage door open when it’s not in use.

Unfortunately, burglars see an open garage door as welcoming as an open front door or window.

“An open garage door is an open invitation to thieves,” says Chris Long, executive director of the International Door Association. “Thieves are also targeting remote controls that are not locked up in vehicles parked outside.”

Keyless Entry

Of course you wouldn’t leave your door keys in full view in your car, but it wouldn’t cross many people’s minds that the remote to their garage door is just as tempting. Today’s garage doors are far more secure than the old fashioned up and over models of yesteryear meaning that people are more likely to keep high worth goods, particularly sporting goods, in the garage, but they’re still not closing, maintaining and locking them properly.

Dash mounted remote garage door controls can easily be replaced with remotes that can go on keyrings, entry code and finger print ID units. These can be combined with open door alert devices which will tell you if your garage door hasn’t been closed properly. If you’ve ever been gardening, come inside, made a cuppa, got distracted and left the garage door open all night you’ll know how easy it is to overlook basic security precautions.  With an open door alert a light will come on whenever the garage door is open. Even if your garage door is only open a crack the indicator will come on; you might not have noticed but a burglar might and if they can get a jimmy into the gap, they’ll soon follow it.

Numeric keypads eliminate the risk of lost or stolen keys or remote controls being used to access your garage. There’s no need to worry about getting keys cut or who has the remote, you can tell as many people as you want the code since you can change the code as much as you like afterwards. Imagine you’re going on holiday and you want the neighbour’s kid to feed your fish. You can tell them a code that you set for the duration of your break and change it again when you get home, meaning that if there were any danger of them letting the code slip, it won’t matter.

If your garage door needs updating, repairing, general maintenance or a complete upgrade to a brand new model then get in touch. Prestige Doors provide the same service for their domestic garage doors as they do to business clients. Services include, measuring, building and fitting, routine maintenance, and 24 hour call out. All our parts and labour are guaranteed so you can rest assured that with our garage doors, your garage is as safe as houses.

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Loughborough Town Hall

Assistant chief constable for Leicestershire police force, Phil Kay stated in an interview with the Loughborough Echo that “I would far rather my officers were spending their time preventing crime, protecting the public and focusing on other stuff than things that are preventable.”

He made his statement in reference to burglaries that occur when windows and doors are left open, essentially blaming victims of crime for their own stupidity if they make a mistake and fail to properly secure their property.

Kay was speaking specifically about students who had recently moved to the area who often left windows and doors open despite crime prevention officers leafleting both campus and parts of the city with particularly high student accommodation.

He justified his point of view but adding that the NHS wouldn’t operate on someone who was obese, a smoker or heavy drinker.

“If the health service are making decisions on whether someone has helped contribute to prevent something or not, should the police? It is right that we try and stop it but it is right that people take responsibility.”

“If they knew we were not investigating it, they may take notice.” Meaning that residents would be more fastidious about securing their homes in the absence of active policing. Read more »

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ac54cdb711d215b50795ad45af7c8835A feature of good business planning is the ability to ascertain when equipment has outlived its useful life. There is a triple balance of efficiency and effectiveness, safety and cost of reinvestment to buy new, up to date equipment.

You may be reluctant to spend money on new equipment to replace tools and machinery that you’ve had for a long time, it might be faithful, or, you may just have got used to its foibles and idiosyncrasies. If the chief operator of a particular asset were to retire, would their replacement be able to effectively take over with more than the basic manufacturers’ instruction manual? I f the answer is ‘no’ then it’s time to upgrade. Read more »

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October’s here and it’s National Home Security Month. Autumn is statistically the worst time for domestic break-ins as the darker evenings mean that there are more hours in the day when intruders can creep about in the shadows. Bearing this in mind, Yale, and Union along with other companies and organisations are bringing together a different theme for each week in October that focuses on a different aspect of home security. Read more »

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powered-gateImproperly installed or maintained powered gates can pose a potential health and safety concern. Several deaths and many more injuries have been attributable to powered gates malfunctioning or simply being the wrong barrier for the purpose to which it was applied.

Powered gates are covered by the Supply of Machinery Regulations, but until recently there was much misunderstanding of how the regulations applied to gates as opposed to other types of powered machines. In 2012 the Door Hardware Federation and HSE issued their Guide to Gate Safety, Legislation and Standards.

The current European Standards are thought to be less rigorous as they are more concerned with industrial doors and aren’t designed to cover gates specifically. Regulations and specifications need to concentrate on eliminating the dangers of crush, impact, shear, draw, hooking, structural and electrical injury or defect. Eliminate these dangers and powered gates will be far safer to operate. Read more »