Sliding Doors Installation Experts in East & West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire


Prestige Doors have been supplying and installing sliding doors for businesses, retailers and warehouses for many years and are experts in the field.

Supply and Installation

We have fitted folding sliding doors to doorways of all sizes, from lift entrances to aircraft hangars and all dimensions in between. Because they need minimal headroom to operate and can be opened a little or fully to allow access then everything from forklifts to aircraft to pass through. they are the perfect solution for busy buildings where everything from people to planes, require passage on a regular basis.

The advantage that our sliding doors have over our shutter doors is that they can be opened partially to allow access. This not only saves time but improves security and insulation if your business is thermostatically controlled. In addition, Prestige Doors’ sliding doors can be built to include fire protection. When they incorporate fire defence they can protect against fire for up to four hours, meaning that lives, merchandise and property can be safeguarded.


Alongside installation, Prestige Doors also offer regular maintenance. Our sliding doors contain several moving parts and depend on overhead and in-floor mountings and channels. Over time these can become worn or obstructed, so our qualified and experienced maintenance staff will inspect, repair and replace worn or damaged parts before they begin to cause interruption to the smooth operation of your sliding doors.

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