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Prestige Doors have been supplying and installing a wide range of security products for many years

You’ll find that our range of security products is second to none. Ranging from high security steel doors and shutters to internal fire doors, our products are manufactured by the finest producers in the industry then fitted and maintained by our skilled and experienced team quickly and efficiently at a time to suit.

Security doesn’t simply mean keeping intruders out of your offices or commercial buildings, security means having a sense of safety too. Not only do our security doors keep people out, they can prevent fire and smoke from spreading four hours, making escape from an emergency smooth and calm. Our anti vandal products deter low level crime. This “Broken Windows” method of security has been shown to have an appreciable effect, deterring low level vandalism and anti-social behaviour which can lead to more serious crime while keeping your premises smart looking.

We believe that well installed and professionally maintained steel doors, fire doors, flexible crash doors, roller shutters and screens are part of an all round security solution. Preventing intruders is the most obvious way of protecting your business or home. To this end we not only supply made to measure steel security doors and shutters but offer outstanding routine maintenance as well as a 24 hour call out service. Our call out service not only covers attempted break-ins but vandalism and accidental damage. So, whether someone has attempted to break in in the middle of the night or something has happened that prevents you from securely closing your doors or shutters at the end of the working day, we will attend and repair the damage as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Although we’re best known for our high security doors and shutters, we also measure, make and fit a number of different types of internal doors. Flexible crash doors are convenient if you want to seal an area but there is frequent traffic going in and out while with our fire doors fire and smoke can be kept at bay for hours at a time. We understand that for fire doors to be effective they need to be kept shut, but if you’re running a busy office you need them to be kept open. With this in mind we provide fire door holder and retainers which will release the fire door in the event of your fire alarm sounding.


Routine maintenance is important because security shutters, roller shutters and grilles have many moving parts, which after continued use and exposure to the elements will suffer from wear and corrosion. Regular maintenance, from lubrication to replacement of faulty or failing parts, means smooth function and no sudden or unexpected failure. Once we have installed your doors security and safety for your property and staff are a given thanks to our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our high security door range is available in any number of colours which you can choose to match your company’s livery and branding. Many of our sectional doors have transparent panels, our roller shutters are solid or semi-transparent while our security grilles allow the greatest visibility possible while still keeping intruders and your property apart.

As well as keeping people out of your buildings, our security gates also keep unwanted visitors off your grounds too. Just like our shutters and doors, we supply and fit made to measure security gates which we can maintain and which we also cover in our 24 hour emergency repair service.

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