Industrial Door Experts 


Prestige Doors are the local experts in supplying, fitting, repairing and maintaining industrial doors of all types in the East & West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.


No matter if your premises are located on an industrial estate, farmland, or you have an urban shop unit, we’ll be able to advise and supply whatever you decide will be best for you. We offer a bespoke design service which means that no matter what height or width of door and slope of ground, we are able to build a door that will keep your and your property safe and secure. We also provide regular maintenance, identifying and replacing any worn or damaged parts for all types of industrial doors before they cause you any problems.

Sectional doors

Industrial Doors Sussex

Sectional industrial doors are perfect for the workshops and garages that have frequent deliveries and collections but have limited space on the forecourt. Instead of a counterweight, which takes up space and can become dangerous if damaged, all of our overhead sectional doors are sprung above head-height making them among the easiest and safest for anyone to use. Prestige Doors’ commercial sectional doors are made of high strength materials placing them among the best options for security. Once they are locked they offer outstanding protection, but when they are unlocked, they are simple, easy and safe for anybody to open.



Roller Shutters

Industrial Doors

We supply a range of roller shutters and can make them in any size, ensuring you have the best protection most suited to your needs. As well as standard security shutters, we also supply and install insulated shutters which allow you to keep your warehouse at the right temperature as efficiently as possible. Our range of rolling shutters also includes fire shutters that can protect your premises from heat and contain a fire for hours, giving the emergency services plenty of time to deal with the blaze before it can spread.




Steel Doors

Steel Doors

Our workmen fit steel doors to all kinds of premises, making any doorway safe and secure in next to no time. They carry out work to the highest standard and the parts and labour come with a written guarantee upon completion. Our 24/7 service ensures that in the event of vandalism, accident or act of nature, your premises will be safe and secure as quickly as possible. Our list of happy customers includes industrial and retail property owners, hotels, and private households.




Folding Shutters

Folding Industrial Doors

Industrial folding doors are among the most time & space efficient industrial doors on the market. There’s no need to open the entire door for small vehicles, deliveries or foot traffic, however, no matter how wide you open the door, you will always achieve full clearance. Important if you have a busy, noisy workshop for example, where constantly opening & closing your doors fully would cause nuisance to neighbouring premises.


Flexible Crash Doors

Flexible Crash DoorsPrestige Doors also fit flexible crash doors. These doors are a sheet of durable, fire retardant flexible plastic which open easily, can be driven through without prior opening while keeping temperatures constant.










Twenty Four Hour Emergency Call-Out

Emergency Repairs

We offer all of our customers a twenty four hour emergency call out service. If your doors are compromised through vandalism or criminal activity, fire, collision or storm damage we will be there as quickly as possible to ensure your premises are secure and you’re back to business as quickly and smoothly as possible. For all enquiries, an obligation free quote, supply and fitting or emergency call out call our freephone number: 0800 0833 105




Routine Maintenance

Door Maintenance

As well as our twenty four hour emergency call out service, all of our industrial shutters, garage doors, fire doors and folding doors come with our routine maintenance package. Wear and rust will affect the smooth running of your shutters or doors, causing delays, difficulty opening and closing your premises, and compromising your security. With regular maintenance, you’re doors will give you years of safety and security. Call now for details.