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Prestige Doors are the experts bringing years of experience supplying, installing and maintaining roller shutter doors for trucks and lorries

Roller shutter doors are a vital component of any commercial or industrial vehicle nowadays. Since they don’t require any extra space to open or close like a normal door would, they are perfect for large vehicles that need to be accessed frequently for loading or unloading purposes. On top of that, they add an extra layer of security to your vehicle and its contents, which in itself is a huge plus point.


Read on for more information about why our roller shutter doors are an absolute must for your vehicles:

Who Needs Vehicle Roller Shutters

Anyone who uses commercial vans or lorries that carry cargo no matter how big or small should have roller shutter doors. In addition to cargo transport vehicles, roller shutters are also ideal for mobile kitchens, traveling repairmen, mechanics and other professionals who need to travel with their equipment in tow.

The purpose of the roller shutter is to provide security and easier access to the contents of your vehicle. Special purpose vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances and tactical vehicles also make use of this increased security and accessibility. If your vehicle requires any of those things, you need a roller shutter too.

Why You Need a Roller Shutter

Safety & Security

Chances are that if you own a van, lorry or other commercial vehicle, you use it to carry expensive cargo or equipment around. The last thing you want is for the contents of your vehicle to get damaged or stolen. That could mean a huge loss to your business and your livelihood.

When you keep valuables in your house, you protect it with walls, doors, bars on the windows, locks and security systems. What you don’t realise is that your vehicles are much easier to break into than a house, and they deserve all the security you can get them. Our roller shutters provide that in spades.

Made from thick aluminium, our roller shutters are incredibly strong and hardy. The material is light enough to allow easy manoeuvrability without compromising on the security of your vehicle.

Enhanced Access

Commercial vehicles are large and ungainly, and sometimes accessing cargo in such a vehicle is almost impossible. Imagine trying to open a large door to unload from the back of a van in a small back lane behind your neighbourhood grocery. It just seems like a tiresome and inefficient process.

Now if your vehicle has our roller shutter installed, you can gain easy access to the cargo and save a lot of time and energy. At the end of the day, there is less hassle and your operations become more efficient.

“No matter what size or dimension, we can supply the door you need.”

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Roller Shutter Options

Our roller shutters are designed to fit your needs and budget. You could go for the manual version which requires you to lift and close the shutter by hand. Or you could invest in the electrical version which is operated through buttons. Here are the pros and cons of both.


Electric roller shutters are operated through buttons placed in a convenient spot in the vehicle. We also provide remote controlled shutters if needed. Remote controlled shutters are the best option with regard to safety since only the person with the remote control can operate them. But they are heavier on the pocket too.

The main thing going for electrical roller shutters is convenience. You don’t need to put in any manual effort to open or close them. Unfortunately since electronics are involved, there is the risk of failure, and the repairs could be costly.


Although not as efficient or convenient as their electrical counterparts, our manual roller shutters do provide excellent value for money. You need to operate them physically, so be prepared for pulling on cranks to open and close them whenever you need access. Otherwise they are just as safe and accessible than any other roller shutter around.

Manual shutters require regular oiling and maintenance to keep them working properly. There is no circuitry or electronics involved though, so full-fledged repairs are fewer and less expensive.

Roller Shutters For Your Vehicles

Our roller shutters are designed to the exact specifications of each individual vehicle for maximum security. The aim is to build something that stands the test of time, and we go out of the way to make sure of that.

We use aluminium because of its strong but lightweight nature, which also allows the shutters to be strong and light enough to handle easily. As far as the finish is concerned, you can go for aluminium, plastisol or a coated polyester finish. Regardless of which finish you pick, you can rest assured that finishing and fitting our roller shutters on your vehicle will be a job done professionally.

Security Means Peace of Mind

Thanks to our wide range of roller shutter solutions, our parts and labour guarantee, routine maintenance and 24 hour emergency call out services you can rest assured that once you’ve had a prestige roller shutter door fitted, the protection of your premises is truly taken care of.

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