Garage Doors

Supply, Install and Repair in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

When our customers choose a garage door, whether they’re manual or electric, their decision is based not only on practical considerations but on design too. Garage doors often make up a significant proportion of a house-front so they want a door that fits aesthetically with their home. A garage door isn’t just a door, it’s a purchase based on your preference of style and taste.


That’s why we are the perfect company to come to. We deal with all the major manufacturers in the UK,such as Hormann and Alutech; we are able to source, build and install any door you could want. Our fitters measure, build, install and offer regular maintenance along with other optional extras. For example, we can offer insulation; this is especially important if there is a bedroom above that needs to be kept warm. Alternatively we also offer weather seals, which suppress drafts and keep rainwater from encroaching while the door is closed.

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Electric Garage Doors


An additional set of considerations is speed, smoothness and silence. Naturally you want doors that will open as quickly as possible, but you’ll no doubt want them to open with ease and as quietly as possible too. We can advise you what the best type is best for you, considering what you need and your lifestyle too. All our electric garage doors come with an automatic opener and are covered by our 24/7 maintenance guarantee; why stand out in the pouring rain when you can simply press a button and gain access from the comfort of your car or home?


What Type of Garage Door is Best for You?


Up and Over

Up-and-Overs are still the most popular in the UK. They are weather resistant and their one-piece construction and sprung lifting mechanism makes them simple to use without needing an electric motor. These doors are quick and easy to both fit and use.



With our roller garage doors you have both convenience and security. These roller shutter style doors can be finished to complement your existing windows and doors. Because they don’t swing out, they offer ‘park right up’ convenience so they are perfect for almost any garage, out-building or lock-up. The slats are made from either steel for maximum security or aluminium, which is far lighter, making them faster, quieter and smoother to operate.



Our sectional doors are becoming increasingly popular as they offer the practicality of Up-and-Overs with the security of a roller garage door. Because they have a panel construction there is space for windows to be installed in the top section, meaning that you can have natural light in your garage without compromising security or allowing passers-by to peer into your property. Motor driven, these doors need minimal space because they don’t swing out during operation and can be opened and closed from inside or out with the touch of a button. They come with optional fireproof insulation and their rigidity means that they can be fitted in unusually wide doorways.


Roller and sectional doors have enclosed moving parts, meaning that as well as operating smoothly, there is little danger of accidentally obstructing the door or getting fingers trapped.


Wooden Garage Doors

One of our most stunning and impressive product ranges is our selection of wooden garage doors. They offer a visually appealing frontage and are made of the finest solid timber. The wood we use has been treated to withstand sun, rain and snow so that it won’t expand, shrink or warp. Instead the wood offers a natural insulation that will help keep your garage cool in summer and warm in winter.

As well as doors that open upwards, we also build and install metal or timber side hinged garage doors. These are among the easiest manually operated doors to use. Because they require no overhead space for motors or mechanisms they are virtually fail-safe. If you don’t use your garage to keep a car, but store other large or unusually sized property in the garage then these are the doors for you.


When we begin the installation of your new garage doors we will look to see if a new frame is required, as we won’t attach a door to an existing frame if it isn’t strong enough or fitting the door might cause damage to your property now, or in the future.


The Materials We Use


We only deal with the best garage door manufacturers who only use the best materials and production methods to make the doors that we then install for you. The materials that are used in the manufacture of the doors we supply include steel, aluminium, hardwood timber, and ABS.



Steel is one of the most popular choices for people who are particularly concerned with security. Our steel doors not only offer outstanding security, they can be insulated and are corrosion resistant.



Aluminium is a lighter weight than steel, meaning that they operate more quickly and quietly. They also may be insulated and are naturally resistant to rust.



Wood makes a visual impact that is hard to match with other materials. They are treated to prevent water or sun damage and can be stained to suit the woods that are already employed on your property. We only source our timber from sustainable supplies.



If your existing windows and doors are uPVC then you might prefer ABS, an acrylic material which is perfect for garage doors as it is incredibly easy to clean, is impact and scratch resistant as well as being conveniently light-weight.